Frequently Asked Questions on Interview Scheduling Services

Exalt Consulting Interview Scheduling Services
  • Question 1:  What is interview scheduling services , how it works ?
  • Question 2: What are the benefits of  Interview Scheduling services?
  • Question 3: What is the guarantee of services?
  • Question 4: How safe my investment is?
  • Question 5 : What is the Validity Period ?
  • Question 6 : Where can I Find the Terms of Services ?
  • Question 7: Authenticity of the company
  • Question 8: Payment Security
  • Question 9:  How to subscribe?


Question 1:  What is interview scheduling services , how does it works ?

Exalt Consulting Interview Scheduling Services

For us Scheduling the interview is  not only about forwarding the profile and waiting for the responses  but its about hunting the opportunity which can support your passion and fulfill your expectations.


The process starts with assigning a qualified placement officer to take care of your profile who  not only understands your skills but also makes all attempts to understand your goal and expectations from the job you are looking for.

He then analyzes this information with the job market and comes up with the best plan suitable for your job hunt.

Our Requirement gathering and recruitment team assist the placement officer in extracting maximum possible opportunities from the job market which include all the published unpublished internal or referral.

Among all the gathered requirements placement officer selects those which are matching your expectations and initiates the process of scheduling interview with the employer.

With such step by step approach he make sure that the interviews are accurate and relevant to what you are looking for.

With the help of its well designed procedures exalt consulting provides you the optimum service and proper customer support throughout the tenure of service (validity period)

Question 2: What are the benefits of  Interview Scheduling services? 

Benefits of Interview scheduling services by exalt consulting

Talking about the benefits its simple, Enrolling with ECPS PVT LTD is similar to outsourcing your own work to us, just instead you working on your profile our recruitment experts work and along with their experience and expertise; Exalt consulting’s 12+yrs industrial experience and professional referral network comes to your help.

When you will be working in your office you need not worry about accessing portals and following up with the HRs we will be working on behalf of you doing all the required followups to fetch you the best opportunity. It saves your time

You invest laks of of Rs in your studies in order to get any relevant job but here you need not invest such a huge amount but still you get the exact opprtunities which work out!! So You save your money too!!

Question 3: What is the guarantee of services? 

Talking about the service assurance, we always deal with our customers in writing i.e. through the Service agreement. Terms and conditions of this agreement are drafted in order to maintain the trust between the customer and our company. We feel when things are in writing one need not talk about the further assurance.

( To check our service review for the year 2017 Click here )

Question 4: How safe my investment is?

Service guarantee of Exalt Consulting

The companies which are really concerned about the customer’s trust and the money they invest  into their products or services, mention the refund clause in their service agreement.


We are concerned about the time as well as money you are investing  in our services and we are determined to live upto the trust which you show on us by subscribing our services, that is why  we have given an option to the customer to claim the refund if the service is not provided as per the agreement within the validity period

Refund clause  challenges and motivates us in breaking our own limits in providing the the services to you.


validity period of exalt consulting services

Question 5 : What is the Validity Period ?  

It is six calendar months from the date of enrollment for a fresher or if the Applicant has a break in career/education, or if he/she has low academic scores (below 60%) or if the Applicants shifting work profile, and three calendar months from the date of enrollment for an Applicant having relevant work experience of minimum 1 year or more (without any career gap and having above 60% throughout academics


Question 6 : Where can I Find the Terms of Services ?

You can find our terms of Services at the link mention below. You can also request a PDF copy by emailing us on


Question 7: Authenticity of the company

exalt consulting iso certified company

Exalt Consulting got established in the year 2006 and incorporated as a Private Limited firm in 2011.

It is the trust of our customers on our services because of which we are not only sustaining in this competitive market but also growing fast. This continuous journey indicates the consistency in our performance.

The company is incorporated under Indian companies act as a private limited firm and regulated by  the ministry of corporate affairs. Exalt Consulting is also an  ISO 9001:2015 certified company. ISO in an International standards regulating the quality management systems of service industry


Question 8: Security of the online payments

All the payments are secured by SSL and Mcafee

Along with this Our website has been flagged as safe by popular scanners like “Google Safe Browsing “, “Norton”, and “AVG



Question 9:  How to subscribe for the Interview Scheduling Services ?
  • Step 1: To subscribe to our services click on the “subscribe now”  Link below or in email.
  • Step 2: Read and accept the terms and conditions (check the box “I accept”)
  • Step 3: Select the Mode of Payment
  • Step 4: Fill your details and select the amount (to know the amount refer the email sent by our Recruitment Adviser )
  • Step 5: Send payment details (i.e. payment acknowledgement email or message or transaction screenshot which you will get once the payment is successful  ) to the concern Recruitment Adviser or you can send it to

Subscribe Now


Note : Once we confirm the payment we will send you the proper acknowledgment and the Form which you have to sign and submit to our back end department. Instruction to fill the form and relevant contact details will be emailed along with the acknowledgement of the payment. Also our placement officer will get in touch with you to understand your requirement

If you have any query other than those mentioned here , feel free to contact us on 08046422200 or you can write us to


exalt consulting contact us

Contact Us





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